Netherlands Consulate General in Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR, China

Press and Culture

Services of the Consulate General - Cultural affairs

One of the objectives of the Consulate General of the Netherlands is to promote and to strengthen the cultural profile of the Netherlands in Hong Kong and Macao.
Therefore various promotion material is produced to inform people about the Netherlands, cultural events, cities like Amsterdam (the capital) and The Hague (seat of the government), the Royal House, the constitution, the taxation system, as well as Acts related to euthanasia, drugs and abortion. Brochures are available at the Consulate General.
We can also provide you with a video, especially designed for young children, which can be used for school projects.

General information
For general information about the Netherlands (also called Holland), cultural events, exhibitions, hotel accommodation, restaurants, cities, travel information and public holidays, you may also click: / /
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Life of foreigners in Holland
Living in the Netherlands or moving to the Netherlands
Financial support to organise Dutch cultural events in Hong Kong and Macao
In order to organise Dutch cultural events in Hong Kong and Macao, the Consulate General is able to make use of its "Small Projects Programme" (Programma Kleine Projecten, PKP). Find out more about this programme by clicking here.

Education In the “Study in China” section you will find general information of the Chinese educational system. You can find useful information about studying in the Netherlands in the section “Study in Holland”. The database of programmes and courses will enable you to search for a programme or course that fits your demands. If you have any remaining questions after visiting these pages you can contact their office:
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People’s Republic of China
Tel: 0086 – 10 – 670 89311 / 670 89312
Fax: 0086 – 10 – 670 84087

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