Netherlands Consulate General in Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR, China

Trade and Economy

The Economic and Trade department promotes and facilitates bilateral trade, investments and economic cooperation between Hong Kong Special Administratvie Region (SAR) and the Netherlands. Further strengthening the already excellent trade relations is the overarching goal.

The Netherlands Consulate General in Hong Kong has a special focus on the ongoing (economic) integration of Hong Kong into into the Greater Pearl River Delta (GPRD). The GPRD is one of the major producing centers of China.

In order to achieve these goals we: provide markets cans for individual companies to asses their potential for the target market, organise trade missions and give companies access to our comprehensive economic network, both in Hong Kong SAR and in China.

In its services, the Consulate General works closely with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and the representative of the Agricultural, Nature, the Food safety Department of the Netherlands in Hong Kong and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA).

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